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Case Study


TRUST partnered with Superunion to help launch the consultancy in the US and bolster its global presence by positioning its executives as thought leaders while promoting its design and creative capabilities.

Case Study

Hyper Island

We coordinated with Hyper Island’s worldwide hubs to help them communicate their offering and the scope of their initiatives to high-level decision-makers, business-owners and digital media professionals.

Case Study

The Electric Factory

TRUST worked with The Electric Factory to highlight its evolution from a Uruguay-based digital production company into what is now a full-scale, globe-spanning innovation lab

Case Study

Brand Union

TRUST established the agency as  a creative force and industry influencer by creating significant awareness across a broad range of outlets while also showcasing its capabilities in branding, design and strategy.

Case Study

What? Calendar Watch

TRUST created a PR strategy for What? Watches designed to promote a Kickstarter effort for Calendar Watch and the product itself across a range of publications and tastemakers.

Case Study

Sense8 “Brainwave Symphony”

TRUST worked with Netflix to promote the Sense8’s “Brainwave Symphony” experience, molding a narrative that supported Netflix’s initiative to showcase their interaction with fans.

Case Study

South Park VR

South Park fans at Tool faithfully created a detailed virtual reality version of the town. We were able to help the project achieve viral status.

Case Study

Tool of North America

We helped transform the brand into an industry powerhouse that specializes in both live-action and interactive work courtesy of nearly two-dozen heralded directors.

Real Results Begin With Getting To Know Your Business

We work with our partners, delving into their brands with a clearly defined, detailed analysis of key personnel, functions and services. We then pair our insights with broader industry research and information gathered from interviews. The result is a tailored roadmap, with information and actionable steps to help our clients achieve their business goals.

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