Tool of North America

A transformative 8-year partnership, resulting in one of the hottest shops in integrated production


Established in 1995, Tool was primarily known as a traditional production company looking to evolve into an industry powerhouse specializing in live-action, interactive and integrated work.


TRUST worked with Tool to showcase its evolution into a multi-tiered operation. This included promoting a multitude of projects and major hires designed to show growth in capabilities and organizing a variety of speaking opportunities for key Tool leadership and talent. In the process, TRUST established Tool as an industry brand name, with over 390 awards from FWA, Cannes, AICP, One Show and SXSW, and the distinction of being named Creativity’s Production Company of the Year and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies.

Key Quotes

Tool: One of the top L.A. agencies and producers killing it right now

– Adweek


When IBM said, “Let’s make music from tennis” Ogilvy & Mather enlisted Tool of North America and James Murphy to turn game play into beats.

– Fast Company


Tool is one of the most well-rounded of shops, and by well-rounded, we mean it can do anything from expert comedy to the trickiest of digital maneuvers, and even both at the same time, if that’s what your project calls for.

– AdAge


For T-Mobile, a pair of celebrity-ridden commercials — one of them starring ever-overexposed reality star Kim Kardashian — wasn’t enough for Super Bowl XLIX. It also created an online experience to go with the Kardashian ad, one with a cleverly interactive twist. According to Tool, the production company behind the ad, the whole thing — from first click to getting the tweet — should take less than 20 seconds.

– Mashable