Wärtsilä’s Oceanic Awakening

Launching an influencer-led effort to save the oceans for a billion dollar shipping and energy titan


Helsinki-based marine and energy solutions leader Wärtsilä needed to launch Oceanic Awakening, an ambitious initiative which, by 2020, aims to connect and inspire 20 of the world’s most influential port cities to develop Smart Marine ecosystems that rely on digitalization, and cost-effective, carbon-free shipping via smart vessels.


TRUST hand-selected US-based thought leaders and influencers from the fields of design, urban sustainability and architecture to concept sustainable shipping solutions at Wärtsilä’s workshop in Hamburg, Germany. TRUST then helped launch those solutions in US media across the technology, business, maritime, design/architecture and urban sustainability spaces garnering coverage that translated into hundreds of thousands of views, hundreds of shares and opened a pivotal dialog with key influencers and US marine decision-makers.

Key Quotes

Wärtsilä is pushing “An Oceanic Awakening,” due in part to all the stuff people order online. Demand is increasing, and so are opportunities to improve operational inefficiencies that hurt profitability and sustainability.

– Forbes


Marine sector top dogs Wärtsilä’s An Oceanic Awakening project has been launched with a little help from major design and architecture heavyweights

– It’s Nice That


If successful, the initiative could create a massive change for the shipping and energy industries in the form of lower overall costs and less environmentally-hazardous waste.

– GCaptain