Collaborating with one of the most influential designers for the agency launch of the year


In one of the biggest industry stories of the year, Jessica Walsh — among the most influential leaders in design — wanted to announce her decision to dissolve her agency partnership with longtime collaborator Stefan Sagmeister to launch &Walsh with the main focus of attracting like-minded brand clients with a message of creativity and equality.


TRUST worked with Jessica to crate a strategy and craft honest, heartfelt messaging that acted as a worldwide call-to-arm for equality in design, distributing that message across US and international design, consumer and business media with the goal of creating global awareness among prospective clients as well as industry peers. This also involved unpacking the agency’s signature strategic process and highlighting her related initiative, like Ladies Wine & Design, through interviews and features.

Key Quotes

Walsh now becomes one of the few sole female owners of a creative agency. According to Where Are The Boss Ladies, a crowdsourced list of female-led ad agencies and teams, there are about 35 agencies in the U.S. with at least one female founder.

– Adweek


In what is the biggest news the graphic design industry has seen in years, famed designer Jessica Walsh has founded a new creative agency: &Walsh. The eponymous new studio is setting its sights on working with brands to unlock their untapped potential and ‘find their weird’.

– Designboom


Jessica Walsh – of Sagmeister & Walsh – has recently launched her own agency, specialising in branding and advertising. Believing in creating beautiful, emotion-driven work, Walsh discusses the move.

– Aesthetica


Seven years on from becoming Sagmeister’s partner, Walsh has just set up her own agency &Walsh, and in the process become one of the 0.1% of agencies founded, owned and run solely by women.

– Creative Review


The Biggest Design Breakups of the Decade; From Sagmeister and Walsh to Apple and Ive to Marc and Louis, these are the splits that have marked the last 10 years of creativity.

– Surface