Utilizing PR and influencer-led social media tactics to raise consumer awareness about a deadly issue


Seven nonprofit organizations, including the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies in partnership with the LA County Sheriff’s Department, needed to raise awareness of the critical issue of counterfeit medications being sold online to susceptible groups that include the elderly and low-income individuals.


Utilizing a Danny Trejo-led PSA entitled Bad Meds’, developed and created by The-Artery, TRUST crafted a hyper-targeted PR and social media campaign spanning broad media silos, local radio stations and both celebrity and micro-influencers, all in an effort to increase website traffic on Safe.Pharmacy.


Over a two-month time period, our PR campaign generated over 150M impressions by way of 400+ stories across various media channels ranging from consumer, advertising, health & wellness, pharma, entertainment and beyond


Efforts across social media channels touched more than 33M accounts, for an organic campaign reach total of over 183M.


All contributing to a 4x lift of website traffic.

Key Quotes

“The trailer-style video starts out in a lighthearted style, with actor Danny Trejo showing fake movie magic on the set of his films, before pivoting to a more serious message about the flawed effects of the fake medicine.”



“The poster and corresponding movie trailers (“Tomorrow. Comes the fakest story ever told”) are part of a much larger multiplatform effort that’s likely the first to ever combat counterfeit meds — a dangerous and growing problem, according to the campaign’s impressive cast of backers.”



“While the organization has run more targeted campaigns in the past aimed at older Americans and another focused on fertility drugs in partnership with the National Infertility Association, this is the first national campaign built around a celebrity spokesperson.”