Independent Media

Highlighting world-class directorial talent and one of the most influential women in advertising


Independent Media wanted to tell the story of its success in crossing over Hollywood’s top feature film and TV directors, such as Doug Liman, Janusz Kaminski, Claire Scanlon, David Gelb, and Matt Reeves, into the advertising space while also positioning Founder and Executive Producer Susanne Preissler as one of the industry’s most influential women leaders in business and entertainment.


TRUST leveraged the company’s directorial roster for features across top consumer and industry media. Paired with key profiles and podcast interviews for Susanne Preissler, this put Independent a the center of conversations about diversity, mentorship and creativity. TRUST also developed a monthly social media strategy and maintained daily presence across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key Quotes

The Founder of Independent Media used out-of-the-box thinking to build an award-winning production company that stands out from the rest.

– Female Entrepreneurs


Susanne Preissler is a leader of intention and determination. She has high standards, a point of view and an innate ability to solve problems. She also wants to make a difference.

– Fearless Podcast


Independent Media’s Doug Liman, famed for his work on the Bourne franchise, Mr & Mrs Smith and TV series The OC, discusses his move into TV, as well as the differences in working on films versus adverts.

– The Drum


The short film that Chelsom, who is represented by Independent Media, created for the movie, Berlin Ride, was sponsored by BMW. And yes, though the BMW 850CSi features prominently in the narrative, this is no average instance of product placement.

– Adweek