Netflix’s Brainwave Symphony

Melding music and technology to promote one of the most innovative shows on Netflix


With the Wachowski-directed Sense8’s cross-genre focus, TRUST worked closely with Netflix to promote the innovative sonic experiment, Brainwave Symphony, across a diverse set of verticals, mirroring the show’s telepathic themes and building online support into its second season.


To build excitement for the Brainwave Symphony and the show itself, TRUST  leveraged key media influencers and tastemakers in music, tech, science fiction, advertising, and design to build buzz and conversations within each community. A variety of curated images, music tracks and video were sourced with sharability in mind.

Key Quotes

In support of their new Wachowski-created sci-fi series, Sense8, which follows a group of eight characters who suddenly develop telepathic and empathic connections to one another, Netflix made a song weaving eight subjects’ brainwaves into a new kind of song, the likes of which we’ve only heard from in the work of experimental artists like Brian Foo, or the brainwave-based art of Lisa Park, Peter Crnokrak, and Aiste Noreikaite.

– Vice


Netflix teamed up with J. Michael Straczynski, the guy who invented Babylon 5, and technologist Patrick Gunderson to create the strangest symphony you’ve ever heard — or thought.

– Engadget


“Sense8” may have finished its first season, but J.Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis aren’t done letting the world know just how cool they think telepathy is.

– IndieWire