StrongArm Technologies

Helping a safety science company raise awareness as it developed COVID capabilities and entered a new phase of growth


NYC-based safety science standout StrongArm Technologies needed help driving sales by raising the profile of their FUSE wearable in global media outlets and new organizations. When the pandemic hit however, their pressing business challenge became building awareness around their newly developed COVID capabilities that keep essential industrial workers safe from the virus threat.


After an intense month-long immersion period, TRUST developed a strategic PR road map to quickly gain media attention, repositioning StrongArm’s existing core values and principles into a thought leadership pipeline addressing trends and market concerns all while solidifying brand messaging in consumer facing media outlets like Wired, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and more. When COVID-19 forced StrongArm to pivot and create new capabilities designed to protect their customers, TRUST pivoted too, successfully introducing their new brand proposition to the world with TV segments and features on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, to name a few.

Key Features

The difficulty of balancing workplace data collection with employee trust convinced New York startup StrongArm to limit the uses of its own worker-tracking technology, a motion sensor worn on the torso.

– Wired


The technology—which uses sensors to let warehouse workers know when their posture is off—could reduce injuries from repetitive tasks

– Wall Street Journal

COVID-19 Press

StrongArm Technologies created a wearable device and platform called Fuse that was initially intended to help warehouse workers avoid injuries. But the company has now reconfigured the gadget to keep workers safe amid COVID-19.



One company that tries to help minimize, or at least lower the risk of workers contracting the virus is StrongArm Technologies […] The company recently announced that it is launching social distancing and COVID-19 contact tracing capabilities built inside the [FUSE wearable] sensor.

– Forbes


A First-Class Feature: Security in the Era of Worker Data

– InfoSecurity


Keeping Workers Safe in the Age of Automation

– New Equipment Digest


This Time Tomorrow – Future Factories and Reimagining Industries

– iHeart Radio


Business Daily – Being Watched at Work

 – BBC