What? Watch

A buzzworthy product launch that got influencers talking


Start-up What? Watch needed to launch their Calendar Watch across a range of publications and tastemakers, with the goal being to reach both enthusiasts and influencers across lifestyle, fashion, and tech.


Beginning with its successful Kickstarter and evolving to include general promotion of the brand,  TRUST strategically positioned each story for exclusive interviews , reviews and demos of the product. The Calendar Watch received widespread coverage across a range of influential tech, consumer and lifestyle publications including The Verge, Esquire and Engadget. A targeted technology and style influencer campaign also helped build a buzz across social media with hundreds of thousands of views and millions of impressions.

Key Influencers

Key Quotes

The company has a history of rethinking the smartwatch at a time when Apple, Samsung, and other tech giants continue to try and dominate the category with do-all wearables.

– The Verge


If you’re the kind of guy who loves the idea of smartwatch functionality but can’t stand the thought of strapping an anonymous digital display to your wrist every morning, a new release from an upstart watchmaker called What? might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

– Esquire