Design/Branding Agency Expertise

Harnessing the power of consumer media for branding and design agencies

TRUST has elevated the profiles of its design partners internationally for over a decade, coordinating high-profile coverage in consumer and business media to showcase their expertise and impact the larger cultural conversation. As a strategic communications ally, TRUST has helped its partners become established as industry thought leaders, opening up new business opportunities and expanding their reach globally.


&Walsh was the design company launch of the year, with one of design’s most influential voices, Jessica Walsh, calling for a new era of diversity and equality in design. TRUST crafted and distributed that message across key consumer, business, and design outlets, generating global awareness and reshaping the cultural conversation about the role of design.

Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins became part of an international exchange of ideas surrounding mobility, healthcare, technology, and more. TRUST spotlighted their company culture and creative and strategic processes in a thought leadership pipeline that generated hundreds of thousands of readers and shares and spanned the likes of influential outlets such as Fast Company, Creative Review, and Adweek.

Brand Union

Brand Union partnered with TRUST for several years, leveraging the agency’s internal talent and strategic insights to serve as spokespeople across business, brand, and cultural spaces. TRUST’s success with helping Brand Union create transformative business solutions for brands led us to easing the transition and launching the new brand as Brand Union became Superunion.


Superunion was launched as a merger of five renowned agencies: Brand Union, The Partners, Lambie-Nairn, VBAT and Addison Group. TRUST’s success and familiarity with Brand Union allowed us to amplify the new agency’s position and messaging through key personnel announcements, project promotion, and columns, extending its reach across the globe. The coverage across advertising, business and design outlets amassed nearly 20 million readers and thousands of shares across social media platforms.