Hybrid Agency Partnerships

Building media profiles for the most unique hybrid agencies in the industry

Defined by their creativity and innovative approach to problem solving, hybrid agencies require a specific communications partner that truly gets them. TRUST has been that partner for over a decade.


Denizen needed help telling its story and highlighting its multifaceted capabilities as both a viral content agency and entertainment platform. TRUST’s curated PR strategy promoted its innovative entertainment projects and strategic approach to creating viral content, highlighting Denizen’s collaborative, entertaining efforts with high-profile coverage in top outlets like Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed and more.


SpecialGuest wanted to introduce its unique agency model to the world, so TRUST developed and executed a strategy spotlighting its top creative talent and problem-solving skill set that generated hundreds of thousands of views and shares that spanned the pages of influential outlets like Fast Company, Ad Age, Adweek and more.

Office of Baby

TRUST worked closely with acclaimed creatives Nathan Frank and Paul Caiozzo of Office of Baby (now, Interesting Development) to establish their agency’s non-traditional voice and approach, crafting a narrative that celebrated their company’s rebellious voice and spirit. Features in outlets like Adweek, Forbes, and The Drum, to name a few, solidified the duo as industry thought leaders and respected media commentators.


In advance of a potential acquisition, Mustache needed to differentiate itself from its competitors in the content community. By defining and leveraging their unique perspectives and innovative video content, TRUST was able to secure high level media coverage amounting in millions of views which not only built industry cache, but raised their valuation.