The Electric Factory

Shifting the Uruguay-based production company into a globe-spanning, innovation lab


The Electric Factory was looking to expand its South American reach internationally, intending to highlight its multi-tiered operation, position themselves as leaders of creativity and influence, and reinforce Uruguay’s status as an innovation hub.


TRUST helped elevate the brand beyond just a standard production studio and into a multifaceted global influencer, with an emphasis not just on digital work, but interactive experiences, experimental outdoor campaigns and wondrous product designs. TRUST accomplished this by leveraging the creative leadership and international market work, targeting prominent US media outlets for Q+A’s, first-person insights, project features and company profiles in prominent, topical industry trades.

Key Quotes

The Electric Factory Group co-founder and CCO Juan Ciapessoni will tell you that you can disrupt any medium, even a traditionally static one like out-of-home posters. For the shop, the point isn’t to prove that posters work but that the staff can rethink traditional approaches to any medium.

– Adweek


Soap brand Lifebuoy has launched some truly grimy billboards. Juan Ciapessoni, group chief creative officer at The Electric Factory, said the campaign is meant to refute the healthcare advertising trope in which germs are rendered as cartoonish villains.

– Mashable


“Read to Me,” an augmented reality experience for bedtime storytelling, has just won a 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award. Developed by The Electric Factory, it uses an internet-connected bedside lamp to trigger projections and illustrations on a screen triggered by the sounds of a human voice reading a story.



If innovation means breaking paradigms and trying to make something unique, tech trailblazers have a duty to seek out new creative pathways like Uruguay, which could become a vital part of that path to innovation.