Partnering for the industry merger of the year anchored by a message of brand purpose


Superunion needed help launching the consolidated consultancy (formerly Brand Union, The Partners, Lambie-Nairn, VBAT and Addison Group) in the US and bolstering its global presence by positioning its executives as thought leaders while promoting its design and creative capabilities.


TRUST promoted Superunion’s model of “upstream creativity”, launching the company in the US and continuing to build brand awareness. In the process, TRUST ensured that Superunion’s positioning and messaging was amplified for the US market through key personnel announcements, project promotion, columns amassing nearly 20 million readers and driving thousands of shares over the course of the launch.

Key Quotes

WPP has made good on a promise to launch a next-generation global brand agency.

– Adweek


A new brand identity for Elliptic, a company that hunts down those who use blockchain to mask their crimes, highlights the difficulty of playing policeman in blockchain-land. Created by the global agency Superunion, it’s a clever way to make Elliptic’s cryptic value proposition more visceral.

– Fast Company


The businesses of the future must be highly connected, socially responsible entities that align their best interests with those of multiple audiences in new and inspiring ways.

– Adweek


In the past 10 years, we’ve gone from seeing ads on TV screens and billboards to receiving a slow drip of content and engagement tactics — from games to influencer posts and email offers — that entice us to buy. For anyone who has asked Alexa to order lightbulbs or told Siri to send a text to their mum, you know that the silent AI revolution is already well underway.

– Venturebeat