Helping a design innovator become an experiential thought leader


As an experiential studio with a singular style and creative approach to fusing data and interactivity, HUSH needed to evolve from a respected digital studio into a groundbreaking, innovative design firm.


In over a decade of collaboration, TRUST went beyond promoting projects, instead amplifying the company’s perspectives, creativity and messaging via podcasts, columns, trend commentary and broader features. These efforts specifically targeted C-suite execs, decision- makers and brands through coverage in top-tier media outlets and events that helped the firm garner millions in readership and thousands of social media shares, culminating in a highly coveted speaking engagement at the 2018 Fast Company Innovation Festival.

Key Quotes

The Energy Dial was designed by the experience design firm HUSH, with the goal of helping the people who work in Unither’s new building understand their own role in its sustainability. It’s a building-size interface that’s designed to do something many architects struggle with: communicate how individual behavior impacts the overall energy footprint of a building.

– Fast Company


The building’s revolutionary system is so trail blazing that Unither chairman and chief executive officer Martine Rothblatt, a globally acclaimed biotech innovator, commissioned experience design agency HUSH to convey its uniqueness.

– Forbes


When your company has the power of its own three-dimensional architectural space at its disposal, get out of the digital rectangle and into the real world. As we did with our “Deep City” experience for Google, put your audience inside of something unique, not just in front of a bunch of digital screens on a wall.



New York–based interactive experience design company HUSH is at the forefront of crafting digital shopping experiences for well-known brands, including Google, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Equinox, among many others

– Contract Magazine