“A Portrait Of An Athlete”

Utilizing influencer-led social media and PR tactics to promote an original film series


Ataboy, a design-led content studio, best known for its animation and motion design work with advertising agencies endeavored to launch a self-funded campaign that would both spotlight their longtime director Corydon Wagner, and also reposition the company as a one-stop creative solution for brands. Executive producing alongside Ataboy founder Vikkal Parikh, Cordy developed the concept, wrote the script, packaged the talent and directed the series of short films entitled “A Portrait Of An Athlete” — chronicling NYC-celebrity graffiti artist Sandro Figueroa Garcia’s (Sen2) process of creating a one-of-a-kind portrait of Olympian Natoya Goule.


TRUST was engaged for two months to conceptualize, develop and manage a hyper-focused, organic social media and PR campaign and contest that promoted the film series by way of leveraging its celebrity talent and utilizing key local NYC-based influencers with large follower counts.


Following the 3 week campaign run, the social media portion touched nearly 1M Instagram accounts and resulted in an overall engagement increase of 525% on Ataboy’s profile. The PR effort generated over 1.3M unique story impressions for a total organic reach of over 2M.

Key Quotes

“[‘A Portrait Of An Athlete’] is a unique collaboration between Olympic athlete Natoya Goule and NYC-based celebrity graffiti artist Sen2 (Sandro Figueroa Garcia) that celebrates their shared dedication to their respective crafts.”



“As a director, [Wagner] believes that there is no such thing as a ‘small story’ — even the personal can be heroic. Wagner works across a wide range of mediums including commercials, short films, music videos, and documentary — the ‘A Portrait Of An Athlete’ series being his latest effort to artfully document many different subjects.”



“Founder/Creative Director Vikkal Parikh notes that ‘A Portrait Of An Athlete’ is emblematic of the studio’s commitment to finding interesting narratives within the greater arts community.”

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