The Considered Emphasizes Creativity and Amplifies Design Thinking Approach With Appointment of June Laffey as Executive Creative Coach

Following a recent growth spurt that includes the additions of Jackie Colognesi and Bam Zahraie, as well as the promotion of Tina Bertolini, pioneering healthcare marketing agency The Considered further defies convention and solidifies its status as a maverick within its industry by appointing June Laffey as independent Executive Creative Coach.

An innovator herself within the healthcare marketing field, Laffey not only spent over a decade leading the charge at McCann Health, most recently as Chief Creative Officer in its flagship New York office, but, among her many accomplishments, was selected as only the second woman to chair the Cannes Lions Health Pharma Awards back in 2017. In recent years, however, Laffey has consciously recalibrated and dedicated her career to creative coaching, in which she focuses on empowering creative leaders to reach their full potential in their day-to-day so they can lead with clarity, confidence, and compassion. “Helping our brightest stars shine bright was always the favorite part of my creative leadership role, which is why I am now dedicating my life to doing that full time,” she says. “I honestly believe there is a fundamental lack of support for creatives when they are promoted into leadership roles, and many struggle with the transition, through no fault of their own. I feel honored to be in a position to help pass on my many lessons and the best of my life and creative experiences so others can benefit, without the pain. I am delighted to add The Considered to my stable of exceptional agency partners.”

Founder, CEO and fellow powerhouse creative leader David Hunt adds, “The Considered is about breaking the rules, in terms of the work we produce, but more the way we operate. I’m much less concerned about years of service & experience, and much more about talent & heart, investing in June helps me unlock the incredible talent we are assembling.”

Now, with her appointment as Executive Creative Coach at The Considered, Laffey joins forces with Hunt, who made his own splash on the Croisette while serving as CEO at Havas Lynx, which took home Cannes Lions Healthcare Agency of the Year honors during his tenure. In fact, it was Hunt himself who primarily attracted Laffey to help The Considered. “I have long admired his energy, his commitment to creativity and his forward thinking,” she says. “He is a true maverick and deeply cares about people; qualities I value and respect. He masterminded great creative and business success in his first agency. And whilst The Considered is still in its infancy, it is already creating life-changing, purpose-driven work. So now is a great time for me to join to help pass on all I have learnt about creative and business success through heart-driven leadership.”

Laffey’s assignment at The Considered as Executive Creative Coach comes on the heels of a remarkable run for the agency in just two years since its launch, one that’s led to an expanding client roster including Novartis, AstraZeneca, and Otsuka, and growing success across industry award shows. All told, it’s a testament to The Considered and its solid, singular foundation built on breaking the rules others follow to unleash liberated ideas and employing a Design Thinking approach to accelerate commercial success and improve treatment outcomes.

Of course, another major factor in Laffey’s decision to help The Considered is Hunt’s impeccable eye for creative talent, which has resulted in the recruitment of a brilliant team including rising star and now-Creative Director Emily Knight-Kristofferson, aka “KK”, who recently launched the groundbreaking, globally recognized “Speak Up Man” campaign. In her new role, Laffey will work closely as a coach to KK while forging deeper relations with the rest of the creative team.

While the award show judging and industry accolades hold their own special meaning for Laffey, it’s always been the opportunity to guide creatives that has delivered the most value to the exec. “Without a doubt, my biggest achievement is the many creatives I’ve empowered to be leaders, not only with talent, and acclaim, but with heart,” she adds. “I learned to create a safe environment where creativity was the heartbeat of the agency, and it is this I aim to pass on to others. I’ve won many awards, but winning business success, respect and the hearts of all stakeholders, whether they be creatives, clients or leaders, is key. I’m delighted to help The Considered, alongside my broader stable of agency clients.”

In essence, Laffey’s assignment as Executive Creative Coach reinforces the unique philosophy and model that drives The Considered, one in which creativity and ingenuity is paramount to its success. According to Hunt, “Breakthrough creative with heart is a real focus of The Considered, and June is the perfect fit to help bring this creative vision to life. I‘ve done enough in this industry to know how little I know, and in June I’ve a great sounding board, an inspiration and fount of all knowledge, and a partner who shares my passion to allow exceptional creative talent to be exceptional.”

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