The Considered Bolsters Team With Addition of Design Thinking Expert Jackie Colognesi as SVP of UX Strategy and Innovation

Pioneering healthcare marketing agency The Considered continues to ramp up its strategic, creative and design thinking roster by welcoming Jackie Colognesi as SVP of UX Strategy and Innovation. 

For The Considered Founder David Hunt, the decision to bring on Colognesi was essentially sealed during their initial conversations. “My favorite interviews are those where I learn something. With Jackie, it was a profound education. The Considered is not about building another agency, recruiting for a role, a predetermined structure. The Considered is about a community of smart, passionate and liberated thinkers. In Jackie we have someone joining the team that inspires me, that challenges me, and as I witnessed firsthand, educates me. As we look to solve the problems other agencies cannot, Jackie will significantly enhance our approach to Design Thinking. So excited.”

With over a decade spent in the healthcare marketing and agency world, Colognesi brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having served as a multi-hyphenate across key fields such as UX writing, content design, and creative strategy. In the process, she held crucial senior roles at major medical companies such as H4B Chelsea, and most recently, was Director of Content at genomics and rare disease leader GeneDx (formerly Sema4). Among her other career accomplishments, the technology expert was integral to creating the first ever online-ordering system for IUDs, recruiting patients for a study meant to reduce risk and complications in pregnancy, and launching new products in the menopause category.

Now, in her new SVP position at The Considered, Colognesi will take on responsibilities such as research and analysis to go beyond insights to empathy when understanding barriers to behavior change across healthcare stakeholders. Beyond the day-to-day work, the healthcare marketing vet has higher aspirations. “I hope to create work that genuinely improves the lives of patients, providers, and their families,” Colognesi says. “I’d also love to build a new body of research around how to effectively use Design Thinking to impact and improve our approach to health and wellness.”

“Design Thinking” is at the core of the creative and strategic workflow at The Considered, a mantra emphasized to accelerate commercial success and improve treatment outcomes and one that Colognesi aligns with. “Design Thinking is about opening your mind to possibilities and not making assumptions before kicking off a project,” she observes. “It’s about drawing from as many inputs as possible – interviews, observations, desk research – so that you can truly identify and relate to a customer at a level much deeper than the primary healthcare concerns. Without understanding this, it’s impossible to design a solution that will fit into their lives in a real or useful way. We want to drive change in everyday moments.”

For Jackie, the potential is exponential in terms of what healthcare marketing has to offer if we challenge the status quo, “When I first started in healthcare, there were no apps that were also FDA-approved medical devices,” Colognesi recalls. “You couldn’t monitor your baby’s breathing with a connected sock. You couldn’t widely and rapidly recruit clinical trials via social media. I think in a lot of ways the possibilities are endless and ever evolving. I don’t know that digital will be the panacea in healthcare that it is sometimes promised to be – the human element is far too important – but I also think we’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come.”

Unlocking ideas and pushing the digital healthcare industry forward is why Colognesi found kinship with a groundbreaking agency like The Considered. “I was really attracted to The Considered’s commitment to pushing beyond the status quo in healthcare marketing. The focus on making things [versus] pitching ideas was something else that appealed to me. The team, additionally, sold me – everyone was so enthusiastic about the work and the quality and rigor behind it that it was hard not to get excited about the opportunity. The Considered is in its ascendancy, and I wanted to be a part of it.”


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