The Considered Names Emily Knight-Kristoffersen VP, Associate Creative Director

A Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters Degree in Immunology are not the expected credentials of an advertising creative. Emily Knight-Kristoffersen, also known as KK, recently named VP, Associate Creative Director at The Considered, was working on her post-graduate degree on a research trip in Ecuador when she decided to switch gears. “I realized I didn’t want to be a lab-based research scientist,” she explains. “The part of the project that I enjoyed the most was the field-based interviews with patients and doctors and the writing up afterwards.”

Emily’s love of writing led her to an internship at Chemist + Druggist magazine in London. And soon, an interview with ICC Lowe followed. “I’d never heard of healthcare advertising. I didn’t know it existed,” she says. “When they explained what they did it blew my mind. I get to use everything that I love—writing, art and the science that I spent all these years studying.”

It was an untraditional path to a career in advertising, but it’s one that’s helped her excel in healthcare advertising around the globe. Since starting out as a junior writer in London, Emily has worked her way up through some of the best healthcare agencies around the world, including DDB Remedy London, Havas Lynx London, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness Sydney, and McCann Health New York.

Whether working on a campaign for HIV medication or schizophrenia awareness, her science background has served her well. “I speak the same language as people who come from medical and scientific backgrounds. I spent years as one of them,” says Knight-Kristoffersen. “When it comes to creative concepts, there has to be a kernel of truth in it, which in healthcare comes from understanding the disease, understanding patients and understanding medicine. Otherwise, it doesn’t ring true.”

Emily is eager to apply her scientific background to her new role at The Considered. “I’m looking forward to breaking the rules and doing some really cool work that connects with people and makes a difference,” she says.

When The Considered’s CEO Dave Hunt called and asked her to join him in his new venture, Emily says it didn’t take long to say yes. “Dave is a very convincing man,” she says. Having worked with him at Havas Lynx, she explains, “I’ve seen firsthand what he’s capable of when it comes to building an agency. He created an agency with a really great culture, one of the best.”

KK says she was particularly interested in The Considered because of its size. “The idea of a smaller agency that is more agile and perhaps, able to be a little braver, to push clients to do more exciting work, appeals to me,” she says. “I’m excited. I have a lot of faith that Dave will lead us to great things.”

“When KK left Havas Lynx to travel it was not just clients that shed tears, but her teammates. Emily combines unique scientific expertise, with incredible creativity. She is undoubtedly one of the very best that I have worked with, and I cannot wait to unleash her with the rest of the team to deliver exceptional, rule-breaking ideas,” says Hunt.

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