Independent Media

TRUST was tasked with communicating production company Independent Media’s mission of crossing over Hollywood’s top feature film and TV directors into the advertising landscape

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TRUST was tasked with building broad awareness as well as differentiating the Denizen brand from its sibling content portal, Hello Denizen, by highlighting its multifaceted capabilities and leadership

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Tool of North America

Established in 1995, Tool was primarily known as a traditional production company until they formed a partnership with TRUST, who helped transform the brand into an industry powerhouse that specializes in both live-action and interactive work courtesy of nearly two-dozen heralded directors.

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Netflix Sense8 “Brainwave Symphony”

To promote Sense8, co-created by the Wachowskis (The Matrix), Netflix unveiled the “Brainwave Symphony,” which melds music with technology to produce a song that keeps in line with the show’s telepathic themes. TRUST worked closely with Netflix to target specific media outlets to promote the “Brainwave Symphony” experience, molding a narrative that also supported Netflix’s initiative to showcase their interaction with fans.

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Meet the Hitlers

Meet the Hitlers is a Showtime feature documentary that examines the relationship between names and identity by exploring the lives of people who are linked by the name “Hitler.” Working with Director Matt Ogens and his social media team, TRUST developed a marketing strategy designed to introduce the world and select press targets to the characters of the film, resulting in massive trailer plays and impressions.

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Estée Lauder’s “The Beauty of Night”

Working with Estée Lauder, TRUST created a PR strategy designed to help launch online beauty social network “The Beauty of Night” and position the venerable brand as a innovator in the digital space. The sharp and incandescent experience, created by design agency HUSH, serves as a launch pad for Estée Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II serum.

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