Stateside Solutions for International Brands

Providing strategic stateside solutions for key global partners

With a deep understanding of the advertising, marketing, branding and tech landscape, TRUST has played a pivotal role in establishing international brands Stateside for over a decade. As not just a PR and marketing partner but a strategic ally, TRUST can expand a brand’s reach on a global level helping to bridge cultural and business-oriented divides that often serve as barriers to entry.

United Kingdom

Superunion rapidly transformed into an industry influencer with an extensive US and global reach, with coverage in key media outlets across advertising, business and design that led to tens of millions in readership and thousands of shares.

South America

The Electric Factory further expanded its reach beyond the South American region and onto a worldwide scale as a company that thrives on ingenuity and has established itself the company as a creative leader and influencer.

The Nordics

Hyper Island yielded strong results with increased enrollment in its worldwide programs and features in top business and consumer-facing publications including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Wired, PSFK, Bloomberg and The Economist.