South Park On Oculus Rift

Helping turn an Oculus experiment into a pop-culture phenomenon


South Park fans at production company Tool faithfully created the town of South Park in virtual reality and needed to get it in front of the right people to show their Oculus capabilities.


TRUST curated a targeted list of consumer, advertising, technology, gaming, and design publications, creating a PR plan designed to help the project achieve the most attention possible among users, influencers, and prospective industry clients. By carefully constructing a tiered pitching strategy, TRUST was able to help the project achieve viral status and more than 500,000 unique users in the first week.

Key Quotes

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore your favorite 2-D world in 3-D? The folks at Tool certainly have.

– Wired


Ready to head on down to (virtual) South Park, and have yourself a (virtual) time?

– TechCrunch


Ever want to walk down the streets of South Park, maybe bump into Terrance and Phillip? This new digital experience created by Tool of North America makes that possible in Oculus Rift.

– FastCo


Besides being fans of the show, the team chose the world of South Park for its Oculus project because of its simplicity and it offered a “free world experience.”

– Polygon


Influencer Walk-Through: South Park with the Oculus Rift

– jacksepticeye