Driving millions of views for the masters of viral content


Viral creative content company Denizen needed support in raising awareness around its brand and sibling content portal, highlighting its multifaceted capabilities and leadership and positioning both companies through a wide range of consumer and trade media outlets.


TRUST created a PR strategy with the goal being to reach both enthusiasts and influencers in the advertising, marketing, lifestyle and tech verticals. We also spotlighted Denizen’s insights on its strategy to several targeted trades via exclusive interviews, profile and thought leadership pieces on the projects and company itself.

Key Quotes

The project, headed by creative agency Denizen, concluded with not just the 360 videos–which you can check out below–but also a final video that shows fans in all three cities interacting with them, as part of the mixed-reality live experience called “Change Your Reality.”

– Fast Company


It has taken until 2016 for dogs and Pac-Man to be truly united in one endeavor. It took an enterprising Culver City-based firm called Denizen Company to accomplish this feat.

– AV Club


Being shareable simply answers the question, “Can they share it?” Of course they can, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that something is worth sharing. The real question that begs to asked is: Is it shareworthy?

– Adweek