Redefining a strategic advantage for a new era of purpose-led business.


co:collective was at the forefront of purpose-led business strategy when it launched 10 years ago and its StoryDoing methodology of brand-building was considered novel. As other agencies and consultancies evolved and purpose-based business became mainstream, co:collective’s powerful differentiator was challenged by a sea of competitors. TRUST was tasked with re-establishing co:collective as a vanguard in purpose-led business transformation, raising the profile of the company and its executives, and growing its influence as a premier creative and strategic firm.


TRUST developed a communications strategy that showcased the voices and insights of co:collective’s thought leaders and generated stories that pointed to the benefits of purpose-led strategy and amplified the power of StoryDoing. The firm highlighted projects that showcased co:collective’s transformative methodology and its creative and strategic rigor.

Key Quotes

"Amanda [Ginzburg] believes Muriel Rukeyser was correct when she said, 'The universe is made of stories, not atoms.' She spends her days thinking about how brands and businesses can use the power of story to change the world and their responsibility to do so at the intersection of people, profit and the planet."
Creative Boom
"Organization design is not often thought of as a critical tool for driving consumer engagement. But the kind of authenticity demanded by consumers and employees alike means more businesses will have to pull this practice out of the remote corners of HR and make it a core component of their brand strategy. Marketers and brand managers will increasingly have to think of themselves as org designers as well."
Muse by Clio

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