Brand Union

Building brand awareness and a thought leadership pipeline for one of WPP’s leading agencies


Part of WPP’s powerful network of branding agencies, Brand Union needed to underscore its strategic capabilities and establish itself as a creative force for brands looking for transformative business solutions.


Following its discovery process, TRUST  helped Brand Union significantly increase its profile by serving as an industry thought leader in several areas — including business, brand and cultural issues — by leveraging its talent and strategic insights from spokespeople in New York, London and several other offices across the network.

Key Quotes

On their design of gender-neutral bathroom icons: Public restroom signage appears to be one of the last pockets of our visual culture with overt ties to gender, and therefore, separation. We would recommend a slow signage migration, beginning with captioned signs that alert restroom-goers to the differences they can expect with gender neutral bathrooms. Eventually, the icon will be able to stand on its own.

– Fast Company


The recent scandal surrounding the originality of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo design has resurfaced an age-old debate in the design world: is anything truly original? Well, anyone who touches creative industries knows the answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

– It’s Nice That


Is everyone an entrepreneur in the sense that they are scheming to start their own business and set off on their own? Absolutely not. But that’s no reason not to treat employees as entrepreneurs, to empower them to challenge themselves in order to find solutions or improved ways of working.

– Entrepreneur


…The identity system succeeds from a functional standpoint and definitely embodies Dongguan’s ambition to rid itself of its sordid reputation…

– Fast Company