5 Hairdon’ts to Avoid at AICP


Getting nostalgic watching corsage-clad teens ship off in their limos to the best night of their young lives? You can relive it all at AICP’s NYC show. This coming Thursday, executives, creatives, producers, reps and more in the content production space will get decked out in prom gear and head to the MoMA. Are you going this year and don’t know what to wear? Whether you’re going to grab hold of your garters and your date, or your latest reel and client, just make sure to avoid these five hairdon’ts.

1. The Cone

There are better ways to sneak in a bottle of  wine.


2. The Adult Bowl Cut

He needed a safe place to store all his integrated app ideas.


3. The Intentional Bird’s Nest

Yes, it’s at the MoMA, but when we asked if there was going to be an after-party in the sculpture garden, this isn’t what we meant.


4. The Claw

With a nominated campaign for Red Lobster, he wants to make sure everyone knows the brain behind the branding.


5. The Party Animal

Save it for Cannes.