65 Artists Help Reinvent the Yule Log for 2013

The Yule Log: the famous televised hearth founded in 1966 by WPIX Founder and CEO Fred M. Thrower that evokes the warmth and comfort of Christmas tradition.  His original, innovative concept was to give the gift of the yule log to apartment-dwelling New Yorkers without fireplaces by broadcasting one on TV for an uninterrupted two hours on Christmas Day, accompanied by Christmas music.

Almost 50 years later, somebody decided it was time to shake things up. Brooklyn-based animation director and illustrator Daniel Savage brought to life Yule Log 2.0, a project where he enlisted 65 talented artists, illustrators, directors, animators and creative coders to create abstracted animations of traditional yule log imagery. As an extra treat, HUSH will  work with Savage and Rooftop Films to project these logs onto the Manhattan Bridge as part of the DUMBO Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Here are a few yule innovations for your holiday enjoyment:


By Yvonne Romano, HUSH


By James Zanoni, HUSH


By Erik Karasyk & Benjamin Gray, HUSH


By Brian & Brad Hasse, East Pleasant