5 Breathtaking Animations that Fuse Nature with the Surreal

These five beautiful animations marry art and nature in dreamlike worlds certain to brighten your day.

1. “I Lived On The Moon”

This award-winning animation by Yannick Puig for the Aniboom and Saatchi & Saatchi Nothing is Impossible Challenge tells the story of a very little person and a larger than life magical plant. The award was announced at Cannes New Directors Showcase.

2. “Safe and Free

This gorgeous, dreamlike spot by Gentleman Scholar for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation is now on Creativity.

3. “Four”

This tribute to nature from The Chill Out Channel pays homage to the cycle of the changing seasons that gives rhythm to the lives of all living beings.

4. “Caldera”

This CGI award-winning short film by animation filmmaker and composer Evan Viera tells a story through the eyes of a young girl inflicted with mental illness.  “Caldera” draws viewers into a world of psychosis, exploring ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death. The piece was created by the director to exalt his father, who suffered from schizoaffective disorder, and “all brilliant minds forged in the haunted depths of psychosis.”

5. “Rising”

This CGI short film by Michael Moercant and Jean-Yves Parent was featured at the Mikros Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2012.