3 Stunning Live Music Videos from the Inaugural YouTube Music Awards

This past Sunday, with the help of Creative Director Spike Jonze, YouTube welcomed New York (and the world) to the inaugural edition of the YouTube Music Awards hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts.  The unconventional night at Pier 36 broke tradition and stretched the definition of what we know awards shows to be.  It was not about the glitz and glam of the red carpet, rather, it was about the artists and the fans creating, connecting, and taking risks. In celebration, we share three live-action music videos directed, produced, and filmed live at the awards show:

1. Eminem, “Rap God.”

Eminem delivered the first-ever live performance of his masterly new single for a tight one-off music video directed by Syndrome.

2. Lady Gaga, “Dope.”

Lady Gaga took the stage with an emotional ballad on piano, an intimate and vulnerable performance reeling in the audience in lieu of converting herself into pure spectacle.

3. Arcade Fire, “Afterlife.”

This revitalizing performance starring Greta Gerwig of indie blockbuster  “Frances Ha” featured an elaborate woodland set and whimsical choreography.