Top 5 Banned Halloween Party Costumes of 2013

Clearly some folks missed last Halloween’s banned costumes list on TRUSTfyi and really did themselves in.  To help the general public avoid tragic, social life-ruining costume faux pas this year, we’ve updated our list to include some of the worst in history.  The following are the top 5 banned Halloween party costumes of 2013:

1. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

These two young men, ages 22 and 25, have caused viral outrage with the extreme offensiveness of their Halloween costumes this year.  They aren’t being written off as naïve teenagers playing a prank, either.

 2. Feces with Flies

If you are going to dress up as a little lump of fly-infested poo, at least do it with a smile! Warning: forget making friends or brewing up any romance.

3. Childhood Characters Mixed with Hitler

What would you even say to this person?  Strawberry Shortcake and Ronald McDonald are just fine on their own.  If this is your idea of a good time, don’t be surprised if someone at the party calls Bellevue on you.

4. A Mammogram

This is an example of desperation at its very worst. The poor women at that party…

5. “Slutty 9-11”

Last but not least, whatever you do this All Hallows’ Eve , don’t be this: