4 Inspirational Sneaker Commercials to Make You Misty-Eyed

When it comes to advertising, nothing says emotion like a pair of sneakers.  That rubber, fabric, plastic, and air will be sure to bring out your inner philosopher and a tear to your eye.  Here are four great inspirational sneaker commercials to remind us what’s important in life.  After all, not much does the trick quite like a stoic voiceover from your favorite sports idol.

1. When he was out for a season due to injury, 6’4″ Miami Heat Guard Dwayne Wade wrote a letter to basketball, “To My First Love,” which he recites for Converse in the 2007 Anomaly campaign, “From Robbins, Illinois.”

2. Wieden + Kennedy’s 2012 Find Your Greatness campaign spot, “The Jogger,” with voiceover by Tom Hardy, reveals that greatness is not just reserved for a chosen few.

3. Legend Michael Jordan rallies the next generation in “Maybe It’s My Fault” for Nike and Air Jordan from Wieden + Kennedy (2008).

4. NBA Superstar Derrick Rose strips away fame and fortune to prove what really matters in  “Basketball is Everything”  by Rock Paper Scissors & 180LA (2013).