Top Eight Twitter Reactions to the End of Breaking Bad

The nation is in emotional shambles after Sunday’s end to AMC’s epic drug drama, Breaking Bad.  While withdrawal-stricken BrBa addicts turn to Twitter for solace, TRUST believes that laughter is the best medicine.  Here are eight hilarious twitter reactions to help you through the post- “Felina” mourning process:

You’ll never look at chamomile tea the same way again, either.


Those things aren’t even cancelled on Patriot Day.


So is Heisenberg.


Contrary to popular belief, some important things were left unresolved.


…with a typo in it.


…bet you’ve never had so many inside jokes with people you don’t know before.


There’s been a death in the family.


This despair spans cultural boundaries.  It’s ok, Yoly, we feel empty inside, too.