The United States of Advertising Causes Adweek Reader Uproar


Ever thought of the United States in terms of ad agencies? Adweek has.  Using a methodology that factored in head count, notable clients, legacy and reputation, the pub selected one native agency to represent each state as its proclaimed top shop, and readers reacted.

Comments ranged from comedy to outrage, including:

“Wyoming has an agency??? Oh yeah I work there ;)”

“So when you say “Top”, you mean to say “biggest” right? I don’t think half of these are still putting out industry-leading work anymore…”

“BR the top agency in Missouri? Maybe 10 years ago….”

Response to the above: “That’s like being the top of the remedial reading class.”

“…Why do it by state…that seems like quite a large distinction. California, for example, has 3-4 advertising hubs that each do different things.”

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