TRUST Trivia: Jared Leto

At TRUST Trivia, we love stars who wear many hats, and Actor/Rock-Star/Music Video Director Jared Leto takes it to the next level.  Back co-starring in his first feature film after a 5-year break focusing on his band, the Louisiana native stole the show in Jean-Marc Vallée’s “Dallas Buyers Club,” which premiered this past weekend at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

Here are some trivia-worthy facts you may not know about him:

1.  He goes through incredible transformations for his roles.  In “Chapter 27” (2007), he had to gain over 60 lbs. to play John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman. In “Mr. Nobody” (2009), he underwent the transformation of becoming the 118-year-old man, ‘Old Nemo,’ and in “Dallas Buyers Club” (3013), he lost 38 lbs. (down to an emaciated 112), to play an HIV/AIDS inflicted transsexual that helps Matthew McConaughey peddle illegal AIDS drugs from Mexico.

2. He was raised in a hippie commune.

3. He was a rock star before he was an actor.  His founded his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars,  in 1998 with his brother, Shannon Leto, and multi-talented musician Tomo Miličević. This year, they took home the MTV VMA for “Best Rock Video” for their song, “Up in the Air.”

4. He was engaged to Cameron Diaz in 2000.