3 Top Vine Superstars and Their Brands

:60 spots and :30 spots beware, you’re being replaced by :06 spots.   A new frontier in advertising is being mapped out by skilled six-second storytellers on the Vine short video clip app.  Fast Company clues us in on these rising Vine superstars, who have just been signed by Grape Story, a talent agency made especially for them. The first of its kind, Grape Story helps to get product-placements for its clients within these artists’ viral videos.  These are three of the Grape Story pros to look out for:

1. Ohio-born, Brooklyn, NY-resident, musician, performer, and comedian, Nicholas Megalis

Brands: Virgin Mobile and Trident Gum (Dogfish Head featured here.)

2. Filmmaker, foreigner, musician and self-proclaimed “natural artisan,” Rudy Mancuso

Brand: Virgin Mobile (Volkswagen featured here.)

3. Jordan Burt, famous for playing the role of  “submissive nerd” bullied by his imaginary friend.

Brand: Doritos