TRUST Trivia: Vince Gilligan

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan is a Virginia native and NYU Tisch School of the Arts alumnus. This year, on its final season, his smash-hit show has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards.

Here are four fun facts you may not know about the brain behind it all:

1. The concept for Breaking Bad arose as Gilligan and his fellow writer Thomas Schnauz, joked that the solution to their unemployment was “putting a meth lab in the back of an RV and driving around the country cooking meth and making money.” (Looking at this photo, we can see that they didn’t end up having to resort to that!) 

2. His No.1 favorite breaking bad moment is when Walter White turns down ex-partner Elliott’s offer in season 1 episode 4, “Gray Matter.”  In Gilligan’s opinion, that is the exact moment when Walt broke bad.

3. Before Breaking Bad, Gilligan was a writer on The X-Files and wrote the Will Smith movie, Hancock (2008)

Two of Gilligan’s Peas in a Pod.

4.  Gilligan wrote the romantic comedy Home Fries while still an undergrad at NYU.  It ended up becoming a feature film starring Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson.