Vined and Dined: Social Media and Our Eating Habits

Adweek‘s article, “Does Facebook Keep You Company When You’re Eating Alone?” raised some interesting points about how our eating habits and computer habits have merged.  (To find out how your cell phone can improve your happy hour, see An App for Discovering Beer.)

Here’s the breakdown:

We now never have to dine alone, thanks to social media, video calls,  and texting. (32% of people communicate on the internet while eating.  47% among millennials.)

We never have to feel stranded without a recipe due to the endless amount of online cooking resources. (89% of people get their recipes online.)

We get sucked into the black hole of looking at pictures of food online and posting them. (29% of people post photos of their food online.)

Or we take the low road and make fun of others who do it while we pridefully refrain. (57%of people interact with food-related content online.)

While we may judge, we simultaneously sit there thinking that their photo is in fact an impressive display, can’t stop staring at it, and wish we were eating whatever is in it right now.

Tomorrow, we will try to outdo them by making our breakfast look like this:

And then posting it. (Now would be a good time to reflect and ask yourself if you enjoyed looking at those two photos posted above.)

If you’re lucky, someone may notice your skills, and you could score a dinner date that looks like this (31% of people surveyed contact people they don’t know on social networks while eating):

But don’t get up from your seat and walk away!

She may take a bite of yours.   Expect the unexpected.