TRUST Trivia: The Todd Phillips Universe

While now synonymous with wildly successful “The Hangover” franchise, director and producer Todd Phillips has had an interesting and untraditional career in the film industry. While a junior at N.Y.U.’s film school, he made the feature length documentary, “Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies,” which followed the life, career, and ultimately the death of controversial punk rocker GG Allin. The film, which has become something of a cult classic, still stands as one of the highest grossing student films to ever debut in limited release. Following this small but nonetheless breakout success, Phillips dropped out of N.Y.U., appeared as a driver on “Taxi Cab Confessions,” followed up “Hated” with another documentary about the band Phish, and found his feet as one of the premiere directors of comedy working in Hollywood today.

It wasn’t until 1998’s “Road Trip” that Phillips found his calling writing and working with comedians, something that has guided him and a cadre of similarly minded actors, directors and producers including Judd Apatow, Will Farrell and Seth Rogan, to be aptly dubbed, “The Frat Pack.” To keep with the tongue-in-cheek path of his career thus far, Phillips makes a point of appearing in most of his own films, usually in what are perceived as one-off character cameos. It wasn’t until recently that Phillip’s explained that his cameos were actually all tied together and that despite playing different characters, his appearance in each film tied them all the to same off-the-wall, vulgar, hilarious and insane universe that his characters and films occupy. Check out the videos below, including one of the panel discussion where he revealed the connection.

Road Trip: “Would you like a foot massage?”

Old School: “I’m here for the gangbang.”

Due Date: “Did you write that yourself?”

Hangover “Goin’ up, guys.”

Video of Todd explaining how his character is the thread between all his movies.