TRUST Trivia: Sofia Coppola

Since her breakout debut “The Virgin Suicides,” Sofia Coppola has shed the pretensions associated with being raised by one of the most famous American cinema families of all time and gone on to become a powerhouse director, producer, actor and artist. By the time of her second feature, “Lost in Translation,” Coppola had already quit acting – something she had been doing since appearing as a baby in “The Godfather” in 1972 – and solidified a career that would lead her to be the first American woman nominated for the Oscar for Best Director with that very film. While she didn’t win Best Director or Best Picture that year, she took home an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, a feat in itself. While only five films into what we see as a long and illustrious career as an American auteur, Sofia Coppola has continued to make ripples in Hollywood with her definitive aesthetics and commanding directorial eye. Here’s a few more interesting factoids:

While her dialogue was mostly cut from the theatrical version, Sofia Coppola played Saché, one of Queen Amidalla’s handmaidens’, in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” What’s more, she is the only other “Star Wars” cast member aside from Frank Oz (Yoda!) to have directed her fellow cast mates in other projects.

Along with Al Pacino, Coppola is the only cast member to have been in all three “Godfather” films. Her appearance in the first two, while uncredited, and finally in the third installment, laid the formative groundwork for her emergence as an actress, allowing her to go onto roles such as Domino (her stage name) in “The Outsiders” and “Rumble Fish” as well as working with Tim Burton on the original “Frankenweenie.”