TRUST List: A Beer “Discovery” App, Steven Soderbergh on the Future of Cinema, IBM’s Supercomputer Chef & More

Co.Create: Pandora for Beer? Beer Mapper App Allows for Beer Discovery Across the Beer Space

Summer is coming, and that means sunny days and sunny days mean day drinking, and there’s nothing like a refreshing beer on a sunny summer day to make everything that much better. So, how are you going to figure out what beer is the best beer to indulge in on these sunny days? Beer Mapper has the answers you’re looking for – the app, which presents one pair of beers at a time, asks for your preference, and after several selections, the app plots out how your preferences play out across “the beer space.” At present, it doesn’t locate those beers for you once it gives you your top beer preferences, but I have a feeling there’s some money to be made in making your “beer space” a drinkable reality.

Slate: Steven Soderbergh on the Future of Cinema

While many of us are still hoping that Steven Soderbergh will pull a Jay-Z on his whole “I quit making movies” decision, the man has fortunately stayed incredibly busy since announcing his retirement from the filmmaking. Unsurprisingly, Soderbergh has kept himself busy not making movies per say (his Liberace biopic comes out this summer, though), but rather, talking about them, tweeting about them, and investing in them and producing them (“Magic Mike 2!”). Slate obtained an audio recording of his “State of Cinema” address at the San Francisco Film Festival where Soderbergh touches on his anger toward major studios, his embrace of digital technology, and much more.

Co.Design: Try the First Recipe Devise by IBM’s Supercomputer Chef

OK: the future is here. Cooking robots. That’s all I really need to hear to be sure of it. Drones are cool and all, but can they cook? Well, looks like they’re about to be able to. Dig into this in-depth article about how IBM’s next supercomputer will not only bring us things we’ve never tasted before, but opens up the possibility for artificially created creativity.

StudioDaily: Kodak Cuts $3+ Billion Deal in Reorganization Process

Kodak back. Well, they never really left. But, having been on the chopping block of Chapter 11 for the last couple years, the venerable imaging and film company looks to be finally climbing back from financial insolubility. One of the oldest names in the photographic and imaging industry, Kodak’s new deal would reorganize the company to be more business facing with a renewed focus on systems and workflows, rather than its original focus, film and development. While nothing has yet been set in stone for those film/development/entertainment divisions, I have a feeling they won’t just give up the ghost on them. Long live Kodak!