TRUST List: RIP Storm Thorgerson, Paul Verhoeven’s Crowdsources “Tricked,” Oreo Stays Winning & More

Co.Create: Climbing Towards A Fiery Dawn: The Iconic Work of Storm Thorgerson

Acclaimed visual artist Storm Thorgerson, known for his surreal and kaleidoscopic album covers, has died at age 69. Thorgerson, who is best known for his output in the 60’s and 70’s, including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy, among others, continued working with bands up until his death, collaborating with such contemporary acts as The Mars Volta, Muse, and more. Trained as a photographer, Thorgerson often started with a photo and worked from there, manipulating and pushing the conceptual boundaries until he created something wholly unique, whether it was an album cover, music video, or a mixed media piece. His dynamic artistry will be sorely missed. Check out the trailer for “Taken By Storm,” a forthcoming biographical documentary on the life and art of Storm Thorgerson:

The Hollywood Reporter: Tribeca: Paul Verhoeven Crowdsources an Entire Movie, Decries Hollywood Reboots

Paul Verhoven, the director behind the original “Total Recall,” and films such as “Starship Troopers,” “Robocop,” and “Basic Instinct,” has taken another left turn in a career that has been less than ordinary, this time crowdsourcing the entirety of his new film that premieres at the TriBeCa Film Festival, “Tricked.” Starting off by filming 5 minutes of the movie, he then appealed to his home countries populace to write the next five minutes, and then the next five minutes, and then the next five minutes, and so on, until it became a feature length film. Thousands of submissions later and with some intensive editing and compiling of various plot threads and twists, Verhoeven has brought “Tricked” to festival and we eagerly await to see what his return to American shores will be like. From the trailer, below, this movie looks insane. All about it!

Advertising Age: Beyond Super Bowl Stunt, Oreo Finds Voice in Social Media

It’s true: without that moment of darkness during the Super Bowl, Oreo would’ve just stayed a cookie; now they are a bonafide brand with a voice, a sense of humor, and what’s more, a loyal following without end. I’d say the following stems mostly from the fact that they are still “America’s Favorite Cookie” but their new social media strategy has been working gangbusters for the brand’s visibility in a market filled with other sweets and confections. Right on, Oreo.

TFF: The #6SECFILMS Competition Shortlist is Up!

Like Vine? Love movies? Well, lucky for us TriBeCa Film Festival is keeping us abreast of the best of both with their “#6SECFILMS” competition, which is having users of the app Vine serve up hundreds of wonderful little 6 second films. Genius.