TRUST List: The TFF is Upon Us, Transmedia Goes Big in 2013, Arrested Development Promos

The TriBeCa Film Festival

It’s back for another glorious year: The TriBeCa Film Festival. Just when you thought it was safe to go see middle of the road Hollywood-schlockfests, TFF returns to bring us the good, the bad, and the indie. We will be keeping abreast of all the best work coming out of TFF this year, but in the meantime, here’s two great TriBeCa Film Festival ads from year’s past to hold us over, both by Ogilvy NY:

The New York Times: As You Watch, Invasion of the Platforms

Syfy has got “Defiance.” TriBeCa has have their “Storyscapes.” Transmedia is in big in 2013. Across the board, production, marketing, advertising, PR and any other industry remotely related to any sort of visual media are stepping up to take on the challenge of the fully integrated transmedia model of distribution and engagement. The hope is that this mode of viewing, which is anything but passive, will bring even more eyes and even more dollars to the table for anyone and everyone involved. An interesting turn across the field, though we have yet to see if the creators of these transmedia projects will come through on their promise of a complete, 360° media immersion.

Co.Create: Netflix Teases “Arrested Development”

Are you excited? Cause we’re excited. Netflix just dropped some wonderful teaser one-sheets to keep our appetite’s whetted until the official return of “Arrested Development.” These one-sheets are based off of the classic one-liners embedded in the show’s storied history and goofy self-referential comedy, no less reminding us that we’re about to plunge back into the insane world of the Bluth family: we’re ready – are you?