TRUST Tweets: Tim Nolan, Margo Didia, Lawson Clarke, Rick Webb

TRUST Tweets is a weekly column that takes a look at what’s on the mind of the people in our increasingly connected industry (in 140 characters or less)

Tim Nolan, Integrated Creative Director at BBH and Head of BBH Labs, appropriates (via Vine) a clip from one of our favorite skate videos, Yeah Right by Spike Jonze.

Margo Didia, photo editor at Adweek, bemoans an ice storm interfering with work… in April? Sounds like global warming is effecting everything from work to weather.

Lawson Clarke, beloved Twitter personality (no really), posts a crime scene photo – beware, explicit pic of a murdered payphone below.

Rick Webb, venture partner at Quotidian Ventures and CEO at Secret Clubhouse, now has another racket: 15 minute weddings. Vegas style in Williamsburg, BK. I like where your head’s at, Rick.