TRUST List: “Mad Men” Returns, Laser vs. Drone, Danny Boyle Dishes on Inspiration and More

Gothamist: Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Unpacked: From Koss Headphones to Electric Love 

Season 6 of AMC’s award-winning period drama “Mad Men” got underway this past Sunday, and we’ll say this – it was the return of the Don. While “Mad Men” has always strived to pair incisive and subtle historical commentary with powerful and human stories, it loves to also play with the subject matter as if it was a pitch to the audience, trying to sell them some sort of realization or epiphany. The season premiere was rife with words on death, life, anxiety but also a whole lotta drinking, which in the case of “Mad Men” is nothing new, but can often water down the messages showrunner Matthew Weiner sends through his deftly executed scripts. That being said, there was some wonderful nods to ads of the past, including a KOSS Stereophones ad and a (fictitious) one-sheet for the (real) Royal Hawaiian Hotel. While KOSS never ran a TV spot in the ’68 Superbowl, here is their (two) one-sheet ads from 1968 for their “Stereophones” Headphones:

The Verge: Navy Destroys Drone with Laser Weapon Ahead of 2014 Deployment

Well, the future is now. Of course we all had our dalliances with laser pointers in grade school, shining them in our friend’s eyes from across the classroom, bugging the teacher by writing on the whiteboard next to her with it, and so on; but now, lasers are here for real, and it looks like their military application, rather than their “fun” application, is the next wave of the military industrial complex. In this video, released by the United States Navy, we are given a multi-angle view of their new laser weapon destroying a helpless, mindless drone. Scary… but kinda awesome? You decide, check out the video below:

Co. Create: From Goya to Bowie: Danny Boyle on the Five People Who Inspire His Work

Danny Boyle is easily one of the most important filmmakers to emerge in the last twenty years, and with his most recent feature, the hallucinatory mindbending noir “Trance,” he has upheld is reputation as one of the most didactic and inventive directors in big-budget international film. In this interview, Boyle dishes on five of his prime inspirations and how he continues to find ideas, animus and impetus in pop culture and the world around him.

The New York Times: Same Story, Different Screens: A Video Game That’s Also a Series

In the last couple of years, there’s been a huge push toward integrated television/multi-screen viewing experiences pairing social media, streaming networks and services, and various other platforms in order to divine what is next for what we have known as “TV” for the last seventy plus years. As older networks continue to scramble to retain audiences (NBC just dropped to 5th in Nielsen rankings – a first for the venerable network, unfortunately), and newer networks charge forward to find new audiences and consumer access, it is Syfy, not Netflix or HBOGo, that seems to have developed an interesting – if not winning – formula. By creating two worlds for its show “Defiance” to live in – virtual and broadcast – Syfy is hoping to leverage two huge audiences at once, in effect creating a fully integrated multi-screen experience. Agencies take note, this might be the next wave.