TRUST Trivia: The Big Lebowski

Easily one of the strangest yet most beloved films to have ever come out of Hollywood, “The Big Lebowski,” directed by The Coen Brothers, is by now more than a cult classic – it’s an institution unto itself. The film, which is something of a existential Americana comedy caper, has become a hallmark of the fierce originality of the Coen sibling-braintrust, as well as spawning a fan culture that is as easy going and agreeable as the titular character, Jeffrey Lebowski, a.k.a. “The Dude.”

Perhaps what is most interesting about “The Big Lebowski” is that it was the follow-up to the Coens’ Oscar-winning “Fargo,” another highly original Americana tale, but one addressing a much darker tone and pocket of American life. “The Big Lebowski” is a strange movie, to say the least, filled with rock’n’roll references, nods to psychoanalysis, a good deal of bowling, and some definite hate directed towards The Eagles. One of the funniest and most telling takeaways from the film is the dialogue, much of which is partially improvised, giving the film a lowkey, slacker tone, but interestingly – and this is for those of you who keep count – it’s one of the Coens’ most profane movies. The F-word, or a variation of it, is used 292 times, and what’s more there’s more than one hundred other instances of dialogue continuing curse-words throughout the script. Funnily enough, the word “dude” is used some 161 times throughout the film and “man” used 147 times, but what is even more fascinating that any time “dude” or “man” were used, those lines were not improvised, but rather, scripted. Check out the video below featuring every “dude” uttered through the entire film: