TRUST List: The 20 Best Trollings in Modern History, NYC’s Rap Lyric Landmarks, Native Advertising Summit

Gawker: The 20 Best Trollings in Modern History

If you’ve been on the Internet and gotten angry at something or someone has pissed you off, chances are you’ve been trolled before. Trolling, now, more than ever, has become the annoyance-du-jour, but historically, people have been trolling one another for years. Gawker investigates with this cheeky and funny timeline of “Great Moments in Trolling History.”

Slate: NYC’s Rap Lyrics Landmarks

From Jay-Z to Mos Def to Big L, NYC is without a doubt home to some of the greatest MC’s of all time. Now, they’re getting their own ad-hoc landmarks to match some of their best, if not most geographically specific, lyrics. NYC-based artist Jay Shells has been going around the city posting signs containing lines from various songs by notable NYC rappers, making sure that each sign corresponds to the appropriate location. And they say New York City rap is dead.

Co.Create: Have We Moved Beyond Church and State? Top Publishers Discuss the Reality of Native Advertising

Native Advertising, hailed as the next wave in advertising, was the subject of its own summit recently, bringing together some of the biggest names in the media/publishing landscape to weigh in on what could be a golden calf or a fountain of youth for modern advertising. Click through for a recap of the Q&A along with a video – very incisive and interesting commentary from all parties involved.