TRUST List: “Mad Men” Gets an Authentic Mad Men-era Promo, Cyberattacks Go Live, Vimeo Monetizes, & More

Co.Create: “Mad Men” Goes Native With Promotional Art by a 1960’S Promotional Artist

Matthew Weiner has been as dedicated as they come as showrunner, bringing a definitive air of authenticity to his groundbreaking series, “Mad Men” from the wardrobe to the actual history of the period-drama. So with Season 6 just around the bend, Weiner and the folks at AMC commissioned veteran Mad Man-era promo artist Brian Sanders to deliver an eye catching one-sheet ahead of the new season.

Slate: Map: Cyberattacks as They Happen

Looks like Cyberattacks are en vogue this year. With a sharp rise in 2012 going into 2013 in internet-borne network encroachment and hacking, it would seem that the battles of the future are being waged in the present. This nifty infographic/data-map is collecting and publishing every new cyberattack in realtime. Scary, but also informative.

Vimeo Launches “Vimeo on Demand”

It would seem after the watershed year of 2012, when Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and crowdsourcing became a commonplace way of funding and releasing films and video as content, that now in 2013, the content platforms are putting the power of monetization into the hands of the creators. Vimeo is launching their new “Vimeo on Demand” service, which will allow users to use Vimeo as a pay-per-view platform, which will entice more filmmakers and content creators to use the service to leverage on demand viewing as a new portal to get eyes-on their work.

Video: Paul Thomas Anderson in 5 Shots

Paul Thomas Anderson, perhaps one of the most vital and exciting filmmakers working in Hollywood today, is notorious for his amazing and effective use of steadicam within each one of his films. This video breaks down steadicam shots as a key component of his storytelling style, drawing lessons from “Hard Eight,” “Boogie Nights,” “Magnolia,” “Punch Drunk Love,” and the Oscar-winning “There Will Be Blood.”