TRUST Trivia: The Fifth Element

Films are no strangers to product placement – in fact, much of the time, those ubiquitous and even sometimes fairly obvious brands are what’s lining the pockets of the production itself. So it’s no surprise that Luc Besson’s 1997 science-fiction/action cult classic, “The Fifth Element” uses product placement to great effect. Over the course of a brisk and captivating two hours, Besson manages to get McDonalds, Chanel, Coca-Cola, The City of New York, as well as a wardrobe designed by then designer “it boy” Jean-Paul Gaultier, featured heavily on-screen.

Below are a few more frames of the various appearance of brands in the film.

Another interesting factoid: actress Milla Jovovich and director Luc Besson worked together to develop the language that Milla’s character, Leeloo, speaks throughout the duration of the film, known as “The Divine Language.” They created over 400 words, cobbled together from other languages including French, Russian, Hungarian and other Slavic-derived dialects.