TRUST List: George Lois on “The Art of Advertising”, VICE & Dennis Rodman Play Ball in NK, Typography Loves Bowie, and More

Co.Create: Start With Words and Don’t Forget to Surprise: Ad Legend George Lois on The Art of Advertising

George Lois – soon to be honored at the May 2013 CLIO Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award – dishes on his life in the ad world, what it takes to be creative, and other helpful hints and tips from a lifelong pursuit of the next great idea. A must read for anyone looking to get advice from the taproot of modern advertising.

The New York Times: Dennis Rodman in North Korea with VICE Media as Ringleader

How do you get into one of the most maligned, misunderstood, and inaccessible countries in the world? Easy: basketball. For VICE Media, penetrating the North Korean border was as simple as getting ten guys on court for a pickup game. With that said, bringing along some classic b-ball celebs – say, Dennis Rodman – never hurts your chances. Click through for the funny and fascinating story of how VICE got to sit court side with Kim Jong-Un and made a friend for life in NK.

Co.Design: 101 Typographic Tributes to David Bowie, Collected on One Glamorous Poster

Whether you’re a superfan or a neophyte, there’s just something about Bowie. With a new album due by the end of the week, the Rock’n’Roll Chameleon is set to do it again with “The Next Day,” bringing together all the various Bowie incarnations from his expansive and iconoclastic 50+ year career. This nifty poster ties together all the strands of Bowie’s branding, from Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke and beyond.

The Huffington Post: Unlocking a Cellphone Should Be Legal, White House Says

In this day and age, chances are you’ve got a smartphone. And most people with smartphones know that carriers, whatever the company, can be difficult if not outright annoying. So in an interesting turn, The White House has weighed in on the “jailbreaking” practice – unlocking your smartphone’s data-usage so you can change service providers at your leisure – and they seem to be pretty cool with the idea. This HuffPost article gives a fairly good assessment of POTUS’ stance on the issue and you can read the original blog post from White House Senior Adviser on Internet Innovation David Edelman here.