Vimeo Expands Service with New In-Browser Product, “Enhancer”

Vimeo, the artists choice for video hosting, has just announced a new product called Enhancer that will give a wealth of post-production resources to users as an in-browser suite. Enhancer, which is powered by Vivoom, puts a swathe of tools and filters at user’s disposal that will allow both aspiring and established videographers of all stripes the ability to bring a professional film and television sheen to their work. While currently free for the next 90 days to Vimeo account holders, the service will then transition into a “pay-per-feature” application, and after that will remain a dedicated part of Vimeo’s overall service offerings. Enhancer also has a dedicated Music feature that allows the same level of professional post-production control when mixing and mastering audio for your video in the same convenient in-browser experience. An awesome move toward democratizing video production across the board.