David Schwarz Creative Partner, HUSH

SXSW Interactive Guide is a series of industry interviews designed to help you navigate the crowds, restaurants, bars, and sessions at the event.

What is the one thing you shouldn’t miss out on when coming to SXSW?

A full 24 hours of meals sourced only from food trucks.

What’s your secret strategy for hitting as many of the most valuable sessions as possible?

Stay in one place. I find that sessions are enjoyable in terms of their content, but also their context – meaning, a great location, room, audience, can often make the session as enjoyable as the perfect topic. I like to lurk around the Driskill upstairs just because the lobby and ballroom feel right, and for some reason, the location seems to align with a lot of my personal thematic interests.

At SXSW Interactive, what does “interactive” mean to you?

At this point, it’s quite hard to distinguish between the different subject matter at SXSW – just as we don’t really distinguish between film or music or interactive in our own lives or professional practices that much anymore. So, “interactive” is returning to its original meaning and really just speaking to the literal bumping into people on a physical level. There are still the tech companies and the digital design companies and the VC money and the brands, all revolving around digital culture – but I don’t think the hierarchy or social structures that used to define interactive as different from film or music exist so much anymore.